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ACA Secretariat

aca secretariat

Irina Ferencz



Irina Ferencz has been working for ACA since 2008 and currently leads ACA as Director. In this capacity she manages a wide portfolio of activities, combining institutional development, strategic management and coordination, member engagement, research and policy work, advocacy, and external representation. Irina is an avid advocate for international higher education, and is active in multiple professional fora.

aca secretariat

Veronika Kupriyanova

Senior Policy Coordinator

Veronika re-joined ACA in 2020 as Senior Policy Coordinator leading the Secretariat’s policy development, advocacy and member engagement work. She is experienced in a wide range of higher education and research topics and has a keen interest in policies and programmes supporting internationalisation at the institutional, national and European level.

aca secretariat

Queenie K.H. Lam

Senior Expert


Queenie K.H. Lam, Senior Expert, has been working with ACA since 2010. Queenie is primarily responsible for consultancy services for ACA members and connects remotely from ACA's satellite office in Germany. Her main professional interests lie in international education marketing, branding and strategic planning. Queenie also serves as a reviewer for the European Commission and several academic journals. Queenie is currently on a sabbatical until October 2021.

aca secretariat

Martin Bogdan

Project Officer


Martin supports ACA's work in project management and development of new projects, which includes a variety of tasks such as data collection and analysis, reporting, and communication and dissemination. Martin's interests in international higher education lie within community development, sustainability and digitalisation.

aca secretariat

Courtney Hartzell

Communications Officer

Courtney joined ACA in 2020 to steer the Secretariat's work on communications, event management and planning, and member support. She has a unique mix of skills and experiences in both communications and international higher education research.

aca secretariat

Celia Onsurbe

Junior Editor Trainee

Celia Onsurbe joined the ACA Secretariat in December 2020 as a Junior Editor Trainee. She is responsible for the monthly Education Europe ACA Newsletter, coordinating the Newsletter production process and monitoring latest developments in higher education globally, at EU and national level.

aca secretariat

Aicha Hefiela

Projects Trainee

Aicha Hefiela joined the ACA Secretariat in 2021 as a trainee. She uses her mix of skills and knowledge in research methods, sociology, and international higher education to contribute to an array of projects via: reporting, data collection, and data analysis. She will also take over the responsibility of Junior Editor Trainee this summer and thus monitor the latest developments in higher education globally.