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ACA’s Impact

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ACA’s Impact

EURODATA, an ACA study of 2006, had argued for a new terminology to be used when describing student mobility - credit and degree mobility - and a differentiation to be introduced in international statistics between students of foreign nationality and internationally-mobile students. The new terminology is now the standard used around the world. UNESCO, OECD and EUROSTAT today provide data on ‘genuine mobility’, on top of the nationality of students.

An ACA study on EU education cooperation programmes of 1999 was one of the most frequently quoted research pieces by the European Commission in preparatory documents arguing for the need for the ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme.

ACA’s study and publication “Mobility windows. From concept to practice”, published already in 2013, provided a definition and a typology of the phenomenon in question (mobility phases embedded into the curriculum). Even though interest developed right after publication, it reached its peak in 2015. By that time, the European Commission also used “mobility windows” as one of their standard methodological concepts. Moreover, from the study a legal provision was made by the Hungarian Parliament that any new study programme that will be accredited in Hungary must have an integrated mobility window as defined in the ACA study.