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About ACA publications

ACA Secretariat

About ACA Publications

ACA is regularly contributing, since 1999, to the advancement of research, policy and practice in international higher education through ground-breaking studies and analyses. These publications, issued in ACA’s series or resulting from projects and commissioned research, cover a wide range of related topics, from international student and staff mobility issues (trends, data collection practices and policies), to the advancement of English-taught programmes in European higher education, curricular internationalisation (through mobility windows), the integration of scholars with a refugee background into European higher education and labour market, funding of student mobility, services for international students, the promotion of Europe as a study destination, etc.

The publication record of ACA also counts three specific series, to date:

  • The ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education series (1999 – 2014): is ACA’s own monograph series, published by Lemmens Medien GmbH in Bonn/Germany, and counts 22 titles, on multiple aspects of international cooperation in higher education.
  • The ACA Think Pieces: The world after COVID-19 series (2020): lists 10 contributions by well-known experts in the field of international higher education and was produced between May and July 2020. The central question posed to the authors was if and how the post-COVID-19 world will differ from the one we have until recently been used to.
  • The ACA Think Pieces: Inclusion in International Higher Education: European Perspectives and Insights series (2021): launched in March, 2021, lists contributions by experts in the field of inclusion and internationalisation of higher education in Europe. This series provides brief, candid insights on breaking institutional taboos, practical examples of how to design inclusive institutional internationalisation strategies, how to identify and track data of underrepresented demographic groups, and to implement inclusive communication techniques, among other enriching observations. 

Most of the ACA publications can be accessed free of charge (in .pdf format) via this website.