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How to become a member

ACA Membership

How to become a member

Although many types of international higher education actors can be involved in ACA’s manifold activities, from higher education institutions, to ministries, policy-makers and other stakeholder organisations, ACA membership is exclusively open to national-level bodies that promote and fund the internationalisation of their higher education systems (e.g. agencies, national associations and rectors’ conferences).

ACA has two membership categories – full members can be relevant organisations from geographical Europe, whereas similar organisations from anywhere else in the world can join the network as associate members.

ACA membership provides a wide range of benefits, directly proportional to the degree of involvement of member organisations within the association. The association provides a platform for membership enhancement (though professional development, peer learning and exchange at various levels), for joint policy planning and advocacy (vis-à-vis European and national level policy-makers), as well as for knowledge production and advancement (through comparative studies, policy and trends analyses, joint projects and applied research).

To apply for membership of the association and to learn more about partnership opportunities, contact Irina Ferencz, ACA Director (