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Rethinking the role of English-taught Programmes in European Higher Education Area (ETPs-3)


October 2013 - November 2014


Gesellschaft für Emipirische Studien (Group of Experts for Empirical Studies)


This project – ETPs-3 – , was delivered by the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in collaboration with the Gesellschaft für Emipirische Studien (GES) in Germany.  
Since the completion of ACA’s previous studies on ETPs in 2002 and 2008, there were signs showing that the number of ETPs had again tripled five years' time, reaching an estimate of 7 000 at the time when the project started. It was also believed that more Bachelor’s level ETPs were provided in Europe. In light of the new developments observed, the ETPs-3 project sought to:

•    describe and analyse the status quo of the ETP landscape in Europe using the data to be gathered from two large-scale Europe-wide online surveys;

•    discern possible trends based on the new data and ACA’s two previous ETP studies completed in 2002 and 2008;

•    share best practices of structured cooperation in ETPs gathered through the study; and

•    provide policy recommendations for the future development of ETPs as an instrument to advance the global agenda of the European higher education area.

An online survey, targeting over 4 000 European higher education institutions and a sample of English-taught study programmes offered by these institutions, were launched in early 2014.  

Findings of this study were published in ACA’s well-known publication series, the ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education and distributed to relevant stakeholders and policy-makers at both the EU and national level. After the project, an ACA European Policy Seminar English-medium instruction in Europe was organised to mainstream the findings and sustain the impact of the project.

To download a free copy of the final publication of the project, please click here.