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Programmes in European Higher Education Taught in Foreign Languages


September 2006 - December 2007


Gesellschaft für Empirische Studien (GES)



This project was a follow-up to and extension of an earlier ACA venture (English-Language-Taught Degree Programmes in European Higher Education, 2002, see section on “completed projects” and “publications”). It created an overview of programmes (bachelor, master, doctorate) taught in higher education institutions in the 27 EU member states and the four EFTA countries and taught in a language other than that (those) spoken in the country. While the bulk of programmes could be expected to be taught in English, no foreign language was excluded.  

The project produced two main products. First, it resulted in a publication containing a country-comparative analysis of the findings, along the lines of the earlier publication English-Language-Taught Programmes in European Higher Education. Second, it delivered an openly accessible online database containing all identified programmes of the sort.  

The project collected its data by means of two large-scale surveys of some 3,000 higher education institutions in the 31 target countries.  

ACA carried out this project in collaboration with the Gesellschaft für Empirische Studien (GES) in Kassel, Germany. The project was supported with a grant from the “accompanying measures” of the European Union’s Socrates Programme.