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  • Erasmus
  • Profformance +


December 2021 - January 2023

Funded by

Erasmus+ of the European Union


1) Hungary: Ministry for Innovation and Technology - coordinator; Tempus Public Foundation; Austria: Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung; Czech Republic: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; Czech National Agency for International Education (as linked third party); Georgia: National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement; Croatian Ministry of Science and Education; Serbia: Foundation Tempus (Erasmus + National Agency)


The main objective of the PROFFORMANCE+ project is to facilitate transformation and increase the competitiveness of higher education in the EHEA and the consortium partners’ countries by quality enhancement of teaching and learning through supporting higher education teachers’ performance - in line with the main commitments and new priorities of EHEA.

The project focuses on HE teacher development by translating these policy requirements into teachers’ competence. Teachers need special capacities not only to fulfil their various tasks and roles in their activities, but for the competence development of students, who should also possess those competences. Digital skills - both general and professional - transversal skills, ability to use universal design in planning courses and curricula to meet diverse student and end consumers’ needs, sustainability in everyday life and the profession, cooperation horizontally and vertically in different sectors and with various actors are only the most important areas.

The PROFFORMANCE project aimed at quality enhancement of teaching and learning through the development of teachers' performance. For these goals the first step was to develop a comprehensive teacher assessment system for HEIs and providing guideline and best practices.

The PROFFORMANCE + project aims to further develop the process through:

1. Promotion to raise awareness and encourage and extend the usage of the PROFFORMANCE toolkit geographically in EHEA countries and vertically at EHEA/EU/national/HEI/teacher level by addressing stakeholders from a bottom-up and top-down approach (from teachers to top leaders of the HEIs), and in a 360-degree coverage: stakeholders around the teachers (peers, students, managers, external partners)

2. Further develop the framework and reinforce the horizontal aspects of the tool alongside of the main EHEA and new EU priorities: digitalisation, inclusion, sustainability and internationalisation in international working groups and PLAs.

3. Based on the assessment module, extending the range and impact of the PROFFORMANCE by developing a toolkit for further training and development.

4. Providing forums for networking and exchange of knowledge and best practices – involvement of and cooperation with EUNs, PROFFORMANCE community, webinars, market places, course award calls.