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November 2004 - November 2005


DAAD, Nuffic, CIMO, Centre for Research into Higher Education, University of Kassel, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (UK) and the Centre for Higher Education Studies (CZ)


EURODATA was a one-year project which aimed at producing data on student mobility into 32 European countries (the 25 EU countries, the four EFTA countries, and Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey) of a quality and degree of differentiation at present not available from any other source. These data were needed by national governments and the European union to measure progress towards the mobility-related objectives of European higher education innovation agendas (such as “Lisbon” and “Bologna”).

The main target group for whom these improved data was invaluable are governmental decision-makers at EU and national level.

The EURODATA project has resulted in a student mobility data report of almost 200 pages containing, in easy overview form

  • Data on foreign students by country of origin for 32 European countries
  • Data on mobile students (place of prior education) for 32 European countries
  • More differentiated data for 5 countries (DE, NL, FI, CZ, UK) on mobile students, with descriptors such as level and discipline of study, long-term vs. short-term mobility, programme vs. individual mobility, socio-economic status of students, etc.
  • Data on student mobility in EU programmes for 32 countries
  • Data on Student mobility in national programmes for 32 countries