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Erasmus Operating Grant


January 2023 - December 2023

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The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) is a leading European association supporting research, innovative practice-development and smart policymaking in international higher education (HE). ACA capitalises on its network of members, partners, and experts to enable transnational knowledge transfer and foster internationalisation of HE for high-quality, inclusive, innovative, and sustainable education, with impact on the economy and society at large.

ACA's activities in 2023 are framed by the related FPA application (2023-2025)and in line with the recently adopted ACA Strategy 2023 - 2027, a result of extensive co-design with the members, and an input from external stakeholders. The strategy is impact-driven, with 4main goals, guiding strategic decisions and implementation:
•    Strengthen ACA as THE European platform for national-level international education organisations and agencies
•    Strengthen ACA’s role as an advisor to the EU and European institutions
•    Reinforce ACA’s position as one of the main international higher education knowledge providers in Europe
•    Become an information gateway on trends and developments in European higher education internationalisation

ACA's ambitious plan for 2023 is following five focus areas and includes various activities designed to further strengthen its members (internationalisation agencies) and wider higher education community (higher education institutions, policymakers, stakeholders). The activities are of several types: events (own event series), projects, representation at external events (of members and third parties), members capacity development and peer learning, advocacy, and communication and dissemination.


This SGA proposal is aimed at supporting ACA in the delivery of its goals and activities in 2023, contributing to the EU policy objectives in the field of higher education, and to the Erasmus+ programme objectives.