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Erasmus Mundus Support Initiative


January 2023 - December 2026

Funded by

Erasmus+ of the European Union


1) NTT Data​ 2) Academic Cooperation Association (ACA)​ 3) DAAD​ 4) Tipik


The support initiative is aimed at..

  • Promoting and supporting the exchange of experience and good practices among current and future Erasmus Mundus consortia.
  • Enhancing networking opportunities and mutual support for various stakeholders.
  • Developing a collaborative structure for the community to complement existing initiatives.
  • Promoting the Erasmus Mundus programme and showcasing its achievements.

What kind of support will the initiative provide?

  • Facilitate peer learning and exchanges between the existing Erasmus Mundus consortia through a range of activities:
  • An online Community of Practice platform. 
  • Annual large-scale onsite conferences. 
  • Thematic/regional hybrid seminars. 
  • Celebrate the Erasmus Mundus programme's 20th anniversary with an impact study and an anniversary conference.
  • Organise study visits to showcase and promote good practices.
  • Host worldwide webinars to raise awareness about the Erasmus Mundus program among potential applicants.
  • Facilitate the development of newly-selected Erasmus Mundus grant holders through a mentoring scheme.
  • Develop case studies, articles, and other communication materials to highlight the successes of Erasmus Mundus.

How can you participate?

  • Join the Community of Practice for updates, networking, and experience sharing.
  • Share your success stories with written and video testimonials.
  • Actively participate in events and encourage your colleagues to join as well.
  • Engage in mentoring activities and become a mentor for newly-selected EM grant holders.
  • Provide feedback and contribute to the improvement of the programme.
  • Collaborate on joint projects or initiatives with other Erasmus Mundus institutions.

Currently, the project partners are conducting a research study on the long-term institutional impact of the Erasmus Mundus programme. This study is implemented to collect evidence and analyse the main achievements and key lessons learnt at the institutional level after 20 years of Erasmus Mundus (EM). If you are a member of the central-level leadership and staff - or - faculty-level leadership and staff, please participate in our survey before 30 June. 
If you are filling out the survey from a programme level, click here.

Learn more here.