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Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association


January 2006 - March 2007


The main activities covered by this contract were the following, as part of the establishment of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association (EMA):   

  • The development of both an alumni web portal and a (secure web-based) directory of Erasmus Mundus students and graduates;
  • The launch of the association as such, the enhancement of its outreach and the provision of organisational support to alumni initiatives;
  • The launch of the alumni website;
  • The creation of an alumni newsletter and a message board;
  • The production of a development plan for the EMA, for the period after expiry of the contract.

The EMA project was implemented in two phases, i.e.

Phase 1, in which the focus of workwas on the conception and development of technical structures and information tools, as well as on the development of the basic legal and organisational structure of the EMA itself.

Phase 2, in which the emphasis was on the technical sophistication of communication tools, the launch of the association as such, and the enhancement of outreach to alumni.

Below you can read more about the EMA diverse services and activities:

One focal area of work was the development of an alumni web-portal.  This secure website was created with login functionality for EM students and alumni. It offers complete and timely information on the Erasmus Mundus Programme and access to the alumni web directory. Also, the creation of an alumni web directory was a major piece of work, laying the foundation for communication with and between the members of the association.

A recruitment campaign was organised in the form of an “invitation to register” to all present Erasmus Mundus students and graduates (alumni).  At the end of the project, in February 2007, out of the about 2500 Erasmus Mundus students and alumni identified and addressed,about 1200 became EMA members, by responding to the “invitation”.  

A student message board, were all the EMA members can communicate online is organised in “fora” dedicated to different topics (regarding student life, EMA events, further development of the Association).

An online job board was created, intended to enhance career prospects of graduates by posting job openings from around the world. Postings were provided by EMA members, as well as additionally by ACA.

forwarding e-mail address was created, with the new .eu domain. The email has the functionality to forward any email to an email account chosen by the graduate and would be possible to be updated via their personal profile in the web portal. Forwarding email address capability: J.Barroso(at) .

An EMA Newsletter was developed, and three editions were delivered in the second phase of the contract period. The newsletter provides members with news about the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association, news about the EM programme, and general news about important developments in European higher education.

ACA organised in July 2006 a contest among the EMA members for the creation and choice of an EMA logo. The winning logo can be seen on the EMA website.

Other technical features, such as capabilities for online profile adaptation, collecting statistical data from the web-directory for reports, exclusive EM Alumni listserv, (feature which may overtake in the future the Message Board if more students come to rely on email-based contact) were also prepared during the second phase of the EMA.


To read more about the Erasmus Mundus events, EMA meetings and further activities of the Association, please go to: