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Campus Mundi Internationalisation Quality Assessment 2017-2020


January 2017 - December 2020


This project is a follow-up of the Campus Hungary Internationalisation Audit 2013-2015, which was a proven success among the Hungarian higher education institutions which went through the advisory audit process.

The new project is opened to all interested higher education institutions in Hungary in general and two main target groups specifically: institutions which are in the early development phase of internationalisation and institutions which want to make their existing internationalisation activities more focused and more measurable.

Tempus Public Foundation plans to conduct three to five audits per year until 2021, following either the classical audit process for the new participating institutions or light-weight monitoring process for institutions which have participated in the Campus Hungary audit exercise.

The evaluation committee of the new assessment exercise consists of two Hungarian and one foreign expert. ACA continues to be involved in this project by sending staff members to serve as international experts and coordinating other international experts to be involved in the project.

More information about the project can be found here.