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The Globalisation of Education and Training: Recommendations for a Coherent Response of the European Union

This study on the European Union’s programmes in education and training with non-European countries (“third countries”) was carried out for the European Commission DG Education and Culture. The main purpose was to assist the Commission in formulating a coherent overall policy for educational cooperation with countries outside the Union. The study presents an overview of Community education and training programmes with “third countries”, followed by an analysis of the main trends of past and present EU “third country” cooperation. On this background a set of recommendations was made for a reformulation of its “third country” cooperation policy, with particular regard to the aim of strengthening education and training inside the European Union.  

The study was carried out by Dr. Sybille Reichert (Universität Konstanz) and ACA Director Bernd Wächter between February and July 2000, and it has been published in the study series of the European Commission.