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ACA Papers: The Admission of International Students into Higher Education. Policies and Instruments

Franziska Muche, Maria Kelo, Bernd Wächter. Bonn: Lemmens 2004. ISBN 3-932306-62-7

Universities and other higher education institutions operate in an increasingly international environment. Many of them run international marketing campaigns and recruit students on a global scale. Even those which do not engage in such activities are sometimes flooded with student applications from all over the world. Therefore, policies and instruments for the admission of international students are rapidly gaining in importance. In this situation, institutions are looking for admission models which will both help them get the “right” students and rationalise their administrative procedures. But there is hardly any literature to guide them in this endeavour. The study carried out by ACA tries to change this. It examines admissions policies and tools in different countries, in order to identify a range of models and procedures for the effective and efficient handling of international student admissions and selection.