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Mobility Windows – the What, Why, How and to Which End?

Ferencz, I. (2014) “Mobility Windows – the What, Why, How and to Which End?”, in the Journal of the European Higher Education Area (JEHEA), issue 03/2014, Raabe: Berlin


This article presents a selection of the main findings of the ACA project Mapping mobility windows in European higher education (MOWIN) and of the ensuing publication Mobility windows. From concept to practice. Dedicated to the concept of mobility windows, the project and the publication aimed to bring much needed clarity to the European-level discourse around this topic. The paper presents the definition of mobility, the four-types typology, and looks into the practical implementation of mobility windows. Last but not least it presents five main recommendations, put forward for the attention of institutional, national and European decision-makers.


The article can be accessed here.