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ACA Papers: International Student Support in European Higher Education. Needs, Solutions, and Challenges

Maria Kelo, Tim Rogers (with Laura E. Rumbley). Bonn: Lemmens, 2010. ISBN 978-3-932306-99-0.

European higher education has long attracted international students from within the region and beyond. A strong tradition of intra-European mobility in recent decades is now being complemented by an energetic effort to expand the enrolment of non-European students, a key element in the overall European push to strengthen the competitive position of Europe’s higher education sector. By most accounts, this is an exciting development, but it also raises many important questions. Most fundamentally, what do non-European students – notably those who are coming to Europe for full-degree programmes rather than short-term exchange experiences – need from their host institutions in order to succeed? Are the institutions receiving these students delivering necessary information and support services in effective and appropriate ways? What constitutes good practice in this area, and what are the stakes for failing to get it right? International Student Support in European Higher Education addresses these and other highly pertinent issues, providing in the process concrete suggestions for practitioners and policymakers who are keen to ensure that the world’s internationally-mobile students view Europe as a destination for both academic excellence and care for the ‘whole student’.