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ACA Papers: Higher Education in a Changing Environment. Internationalisation of Higher Education Policy in Europe

Bernd Wächter (ed.). Bonn: Lemmens 2004. ISBN 3-932306-55-4.

An astonishing development has taken place over the last ten years. Internationalisation of higher education, once a marginal concern, has moved centre-stage. It has become “mainstreamed” and is now regarded as part and parcel of “higher education policy”. In a parallel move, what was earlier called education policy has become subject to international debate and decision-making and thus of “internationalisation”. As a result, the activities referred to under the term “internationalisation” have become widened. There are two types of internationalisation. “Old internationalisation” concerns  the mobility of students and scholars. “New internationalisation” deals with joint international efforts related to structural and regulatory issues of higher education systems. The present volume traces this development. It revisits the classical themes of “old internationalisation”, such as exchanges and development cooperation, and it explores the main issues of “new internationalisation” (international education policy), for example quality assurance, lifelong learning and online education. The papers in this book were first presented at the 10-year anniversary conference of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) in Ghent/Belgium in 2003. All authors are internationally-renowned specialists in their field.