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Handbook on European Associations in Higher Education. A Practical Guide to Academic Networks in Europe and Beyond

Bernd Wächter. Bonn: Lemmens 2000. ISBN 3-932306-37-6.

In the past 15 years, European cooperation in higher education has increased dramatically. During the same period, a large number of academic associations have come into being. A few insiders know their names; hardly anyone knows what they actually do. What is their history? What are their aims, their main activities, their publications and their most noteworthy projects? How are they governed? This publication answers these and many other related questions. It attempts to shed light on the “inner workings” of the 37 most relevant academic networks in Europe in the form of standardised portraits. The book also contains a number of short profiles of important higher education associations from outside Europe, as well as a “postscript” analysis containing a short typology and history of European networks in the tertiary sector.