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Handbook of International Associations in Higher Education

Schneller, C., Lungu, I. and Wächter, B. Academic Cooperation Association, Brussels, 2009. Pages: 260.

“Networking” or “not working”? A visible sign of the growing cooperation in higher education world-wide is the increasing number of associations, consortia, networks, etc. in the field. Their aims, history and activities, however, are less tangible for outsiders. Why were they founded? Who and where are their members? How can they be contacted? What do they do, i.e. what is their lifeblood?

The Handbook of International Associations in Higher Educationstrives to answer these questions by systematically presenting one hundred higher education associations from various continents as well as their global counterparts. Most importantly, the publication seeks to showcase the interrelation among the various networks and, by doing so, to provide information for future cooperation, partnerships and true networking.  

This book can only be obtained via the ACA Secretariat.

Price: EUR 28.50 (excl. of delivery costs)