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ACA Papers: English-Language-Taught Degree Programmes in European Higher Education (2002)

Friedhelm Maiworm, Bernd Wächter. Bonn: Lemmens 2002. ISBN 3-932306-47-3.

The present book explores the quality and quantity of English-Language-Taught Degree Programmes (abbreviated ELTDPs) in 19 European countries where English is not the native language. The study maps the provision of ELTDPs identifying the general level of provision, the picture in different countries, the type, the size and age of the institutions offering ELTDPs, and the main subject areas in which they are being offered. The study also addresses qualitative issues of ELTDPs. It identifies key factors of importance for any institution intending to start or widen the provision of ELTDPs, such as motivation, institutional approaches and the role of single actors inside an institution, marketing, language proficiency, organization, funding, accreditation and quality assurance, and intended or unexpected spin-off effects. The book concludes with a set of recommendations for good practice in the conception, planning, introduction and operation of ELTDPs.