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ACA Papers: Beyond 2010. Priorities and challenges for higher education in the next decade

Kelo, Maria (ed.), Bonn: Lemmens, 2008. ISBN 978-3-932306-92-1

2010 is an important date on the European calendar. It marks the first decade of advancement on the European Lisbon goals, i.e. making Europe a globally competitive knowledge-based economy – and in education policy terms, it is a significant benchmark for both the Education and Training 2010 agenda and the higher education reforms related to the Bologna Process. However, many of the goals of these processes will not be wholly accomplished across Europe by the established timeframe, despite the ambitions and efforts.

What will be the hot issues in the next years, and what current challenges will persist well into the next decade? Where is European higher education heading and how do the global changes impact its future? This book, which is a collection of articles by renowned experts in international higher education, attempts to provide a number of responses to these questions through scrutiny of themes that will not lose their centrality at the end of this decade: student mobility, alternative delivery of international education, funding of higher education, and the impact of labour market changes on higher education. The articles in this volume are based on papers prepared for the ACA Conference Beyond 2010, held in Tallinn in June 2008.