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ACA Think Pieces: Inclusion in International Higher Education: European Perspectives & Insights

At the start of this year, 2021, ACA prioritised learning more about and supporting inclusion in international higher education in the context of Europe. We decided to publish our insights along the way with the help of experts in the area of inclusion through a new ACA Think Piece series, Inclusion in International Higher Education: European Perspectives & Insights. 

This month’s Think Piece – Inclusion lessons from the youth field – the fourth in the series, is authored by the highly experienced Tony Geudens, Inclusion and Diversity Officer at SALTO-YOUTH Inclusion Resource Centre. The article zooms in on concepts behind the recently published Inclusion and Diversity Strategy for Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps (I&D Strategy), unpacks its implications, and points to resources and insights from the youth field that can support HE practitioners in their daily practice 

The author draws on his extensive experience implementing diversity and inclusion strategies in the youth field to articulate the terminological nuances in diversity and inclusion. He illustrates how understanding the implications and development of various terms used in the I&D Strategy is integral in developing national plans for inclusion and diversity.  
Tony delineates equity from equality, and offers proactive ways to translate strategies into impactful actions. The piece ends by reiterating the importance of approaching diversity and inclusion strategies holistically, allotting the necessary time and resources in truly making diversity and inclusion a priority. 

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