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ACA Think Pieces: Digitalisation in International Higher Education


Following the successful run of ACA’s “Think Pieces” series in 2020 on the world after Covid-19 and in 2021 on inclusion in the context of higher education, ACA continues in 2022 by exploring the multi-faceted nature of digitalisation in the higher education sector. Throughout 2022, leading voices on the digitalisation of HE field will be sharing their reflections and exploring the multi-faceted nature of digitalisation in higher education institutions from an international cooperation perspective.  

This month’s Think Piece – Digitalisation in International Higher EducationWhat are the challenges facing staff who
teach? –  the second in this year’s series, is authored by Sharon Flynn, Project Manager for Enhancing Digital Capacity in Teaching and Learning, at the Irish Universities Association. Sharon begins by detailing the recent context of digital transformations for Irish universities throughout the pandemic, the related challenges and considerations for more adaptable approaches.

Throughout the pandemic, Irish universities faced challenges that many other universities around the world could likely relate to, including burn out and exhaustion faced by staff and students alike. Sharon also points to the implications of students’ changing expectations as they now desire more flexible, blended learning opportunities. Institutions will need to consider more long-term support measures for academic and support staff in order to continually build digital competences. The article concludes with suggestions that institutional leaders and staff can consider for adaptable approaches to the digital transformation. 

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