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ACA Think Pieces: Digitalisation in International Higher Education


Following the successful run of ACA’s “Think Pieces” series in 2020 on the world after Covid-19 and in 2021 on inclusion in the context of higher education, ACA continues in 2022 by exploring the multi-faceted nature of digitalisation in the higher education sector. Throughout 2022, leading voices on the digitalisation of HE field will be sharing their reflections and exploring the multi-faceted nature of digitalisation in higher education institutions from an international cooperation perspective.   

This month’s Think Piece – How digital Erasmus administration can contribute to more and better mobilities – the fifth in this year’s series, is authored by Paul Leys, Policy Advisor at the International Relations Office, Ghent University. In this month’s article, Paul outlines the challenges that have long existed within the administration of the Erasmus+ mobility exchanges, paying special attention to the student journey, while highlighting the potential of the Erasmus Without Paper project and the Erasmus Student Card. 

Paul details obstacles for specific stakeholders involved in the mobility process: students, administrators, and higher education institutions. He explores the disconnect between the current administrative-heavy processes within mobility exchanges to the current student profile as digital natives. While illustrating the evolution of the Erasmus Without Paper original idea to the current dilemmas, Paul envisions the Erasmus+ app as a remedy for many existing challenges. He concludes the piece by reminding us that the way towards harmonisation and digitalisation will not be smooth, but that we should stay focused on the benefits and end goal. 

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