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ACA Think Pieces: Digitalisation in International Higher Education


Following the successful run of ACA’s “Think Pieces” series in 2020 on the world after Covid-19 and in 2021 on inclusion in the context of higher education, ACA continues in 2022 by exploring the multi-faceted nature of digitalisation in the higher education sector. Throughout 2022, leading voices on the digitalisation of HE field will be sharing their reflections and exploring the multi-faceted nature of digitalisation in higher education institutions from an international cooperation perspective.  

This month’s Think Piece – Colouring the student international journey in the digital era – A German perspective–  the seventh in this year’s series, is authored by Tanja Reiffenrath, Coordinator Internationalisation of Curricula, Anne Sennhenn, Project Manager, and Chahira Nouira, Instructional Designer, all from the University of Göttingen, Germany. The authors bring their respective areas of expertise on supporting, designing and facilitating digital elements of internationalisation projects together to offer inspiration on new approaches and on igniting sustainable change.  

The authors highlight the national context of Germany to illustrate various areas of interplay between policy and practice concerning digitalisation related to teaching and learning and internationalisation at the University of Göttingen. By integrating digital components into existing  teaching and learning and mobility programmes, processes and approaches, the authors argue that academics, students and staff experience the joy of participating in an evolving area and benefit in significant ways. The authors present colourful examples of digitally supported teaching and learning projects, which contribute to an effort of changing institutional culture through engagement, with a view towards sustaining efforts in the long term.  

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