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Other types of support and services

Information and guidance on asylum and integration

  • Municipalities provide relevant information as well as arrange integration and support programs for migrants and refugees living in Finland. Comprehensive information about living and settling in Finland, including information about integration programs generally in Finland and in particular municipalities can be found on the InfoFinland website.
  • International House Helsinki provides a wide range of information and public authority services to meet the needs of international newcomers in the Helsinki metropolitan area.


Residence permits and legal aid


Trade unions for various groups and professions

  • Trade unions provide various forms of support to their members, including earnings-related unemployment benefits or legal counselling related to employment and grant-based research. Relevant trade unions in higher education are listed below:
  • SAK, confederation of 17 trade unions in industry, public sector, transport, private services and culture, provides advisory service for immigrants. 



Access to libraries: libraries in Finland are in principle open to everyone - an ID document and a valid address in Finland might be required for obtaining a library card. Access to the Library of the Parliament and the National Library.

Information and services on