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ACA Seminar What's new in Brussels ACA Conference 2006

The first in the ACA European Policy Seminars of 2006 will take place in Brussels on 24 February. The title of the event is "What's new in Brussels: recent developments in European policy". It will offer the participants an overview of news in EU education and research policy as well as on some new EU programmes. Most of the speakers are senior staff at the European Commission. Information on the programme, as well as practical information and on-line registrations are available on the ACA website.

The ACA Conference 2006 will take place at the University of Bergen, Norway, on 18 to 20 June 2006. It will be co-organised by ACA member SIU, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education. The conference, entitled "Destination Europe? Players, goals and strategies in enhancing the attractiveness of European universities", will address the theme of Europe's attractiveness in a global context from the perspective of Europe's higher education institutions. The event is scheduled for 200 to 250 participants. Detailed information will be available on the ACA website in January 2006.