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ACA announces 2008 annual conference "Beyond 2010 – priorities and challenges for higher education in the next decade"

ACA’s 2007 annual conference ‘The Many Faces of Internationalisation’, held on the 14-15 May in Berlin and co-hosted by the DAAD and the German-American Fulbright Commission, was a great hit, enjoying the best participant turn-out in ACA conference history. Highlights included a keynote address by Mr. Alan Goodman, president and CEO of the Institute of International Education (IIE), who provided an insightful perspective and transational interpretations of ‘internationalisation’ and claimed that such a process cannot simply start from the top-down, with policy, but from the bottom-up with the faculty itself. The participants dissected this vast topic from various angles: internationalisation as a driver of structural reform, a requirement of the labour market, and a vehicle of cultural exchange. The controversial topics of whether or not international education should be ‘sold’ (a question marketing education and charging fees for internationals), as well the internationalisation of other world regions’ education (the US, Australia, and South East Asia) were also focal points. ACA thanks it’s all star cast of speakers and well as the Berlin team (DAAD and the Fulbright Commission) for helping to produce such a top quality event. ACA proudly announces its 2008 annual conference, "Beyond 2010 - Priorities and challenges for higher education in the next decade", which will take place in Tallinn on June. onference programme 2007