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Funding sources, job and training opportunities

Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) is the key organisation for the funding of academic research at doctoral and post-doctoral level. Based on research quality and ambitions, FWO provides several funding options. Similar to VDAB (see under "Responsible bodies"), FWO does not make a distinction between a refugee and a non-refugee. If a refugee has a good project and if s/he can find an institute to support, FWO funding may provide support for three to six years. More information can be found on their website.

Funding opportunities for researchers or PhDs is available on the website of All-in-one 4 HER.

Flemish universities have support or programmes offered to the target community

Employment outside academia

  • The webpage for highly educated non-native Dutch speakers, regardless of the country of origin. The website explains all the steps about language support, diploma equivalences, finding a job and studying. It also provides a link to make an appointment with a VDAB representative.
  • VDAB training for highly educated for IT professionals (6 - 8 months of training), for example: network and system administration, SAP consultancy, programming, front or back end development and similar. The VDAB training addressed a huge gap in the industry and supported many individuals find a job in the IT sector. For some domains, artificial intelligence and similar for instance, Dutch competency has a secondary importance. There are people who find a training through VDAB in English if it is a technological domain with increasing demands from the industry.
  • AZO supports refugees start their own business in Flanders.