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Online Talk Netherlands

This Online Talk will focus on career prospects for researchers at risk/with refugee background in the Netherlands. The speakers will not only introduce available national support structures and national programmes, but also will share experiences and pathways into the Dutch research landscape and how to successfully integrate. Moreover, a programme that promotes access into higher education and gaining working experience at a Dutch university both for administrative and research staff will be introduced.

Date/time: Friday, 30th October, 11:00 - 12:00 (CET)

The main goals of the event:

  • Propose potential actions and initiatives at national and European level that could help researchers and institutions willing to support them
  • Introduce programme for support for refugee/at risk researchers who want to gain working experience at a Dutch university
  • Share experiences of pathways on how to successfully integrate into Dutch academia
  • Discuss main short and long term challenges and potential ways to overcome them at national and European levels




  • Ewing Amadi Salumu, Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF)

Dutch research landscape - Available national support structures and programmes for researchers with refugee background/at risk

  • Dr. Elena Valbusa, Utrecht University

Dutch HEIs in support for researchers with refugee background/at risk - Access to administrative and research labour opportunities

  • Musa Idris, Maastricht University/Erasmus Medical Centre

Routes into Science: How to integrate into Dutch research landscape


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