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Brussels, 9 May 2003

Internationalisation in a Changed Environment


On the occasion of its ten-year anniversary ACA organised in cooperation with Gent University the conference "Internationalisation in a Changed Environment", which took place from 9 to 11 May 2003 in Gent, Belgium. The aim of the seminar was to review the recent developments in internationalisation in higher education and to formulate a catalogue of future needs.

The participants, explored the internationalisation phenomenon, enquired into different forms of internationalisation in higher education, debated the role of internationalisation in the globalising world, reviewed the recent trends in student mobility and development cooperation in higher education, looked at the quality assurance aspects of international education, and discussed the future of internationalisation in higher education in Europe and the rest of the world.

The seminar was addressed by the renowned academic leaders and specialists in international education like Prof. Peter Scott, president of ACA, who is the Vice-Chancellor of Kingston University (UK), Mr David Coyne, Director for Education, DG Education and Culture, European Commission, Prof. Dirk van Damme, Director of VLIR (Belgium), Prof. Ulrich Teichler from the University of Kassel (Germany), Ms Lesly Wilson, Secretary General of EUA, Dr. Ulf Lie, Director of SIU (Norway), Mr Benny Dylander, Director of Cirius Danmark (Denmark), Mr Pieter van Dijk, President of NUFFIC (Netherlands), Dr. Christian Bode, Secretary General of DAAD (Germany) and other experts.

Participation in this seminar was limited and concentrated on the exclusive group of leaders from national and international agencies and associations engaged in international education, as well as representatives of international and supra-national organisations, researchers and specialists in the field.


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