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Brussels, 25 November 2004

Globalisation, Internationalisation and Europeanisation. Responses of European Higher Education Institutions.


The HEIGLO Project

In 2003, the Dutch Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) started the HEIGLO project. HEIGLO stands for “Higher Education Institutions’ Responses to Europeanisation, Internationalisation and Globalisation”. HEIGLO is supported by the Directorate for Research of the European Commission.

In a first phase, the project undertook an analysis of governmental policies for internationalisation in seven European countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom) and of the policies of the European Commission. The project’s results were published under the title On Cooperation and Competition (edited by Professor Marijk van der Wende and Jeroen Huisman) in the ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education.

The  seminar concerned the second part of the project. This part of the project looked at the implementation of internationalisation in a number of universities and other higher education institutions in the seven countries mentioned above. In other words, it provided the institutional mirror image to the national and European policies. Before publication of the results in yet another book in the ACA Papers series, CHEPS and ACA wanted to present the findings to a select audience of institutional representatives, and to discuss them with it. This was the purpose of the joint ACA-CHEPS seminar.


Thursday 25 November 2004

Chair: Bernd Wächter, ACA




Angelos Agalianos (European Commission, DG Research)


Introduction to the HEIGLO project
Marijk van der Wende


Presentation of case studies on higher education institutions’ internationalisation strategies: Portugal (Amelia Veiga), United Kingdom (Jane Evans), Norway (Bjørn Stensaker), The Netherlands (Anneke Luijten-Lub) , Austria (Thomas Pfeffer), Greece (Youli Papadiamantaki), and Germany (Karola Hahn)




International comparison of institutional responses: activities & strategies, explaining diversity, success factors and policy implications.
Anneke Luijten-Lub

Gareth Williams
Gitsa Polydorides


Responses to the study outcomes from different policy perspectives.
Peter Scott (President ACA)

Guy Haug (European Commission, DG Education and Culture)
Hans de Wit (University of Amsterdam)


Panel discussion on policy recommendations.
Peter van der Hijden (European Commission)
Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin (CERI/OECD),
Frederik De Decker (Artevelde Hogeschool)
Lars Fransson (Uppsala University)
Jens Mejer Pedersen (CIRIUS)


Closing and aperitif


Zaal Maria Baers
Place des Martyrs / Martelaarsplein 7
1000 Brussels