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Work as an expert for the European Union  

Work as an expert for the European Union  

The European Commission just published a call which invites interested professionals to register in the database of external experts. 

The European Union Institutions appoint external experts to assist in the evaluation of grant applications, projects and tenders, and to provide opinions and advice in specific cases. 

In particular, experts assist in: 

  • Evaluation of proposals, prize applications and tenders 
  • Monitoring of actions, grant agreements, public procurement contracts 

In addition, experts provide opinion and advise on: 

  • Preparation, implementation and evaluation of EU programmes and design of policies. 

In order to select experts, the European Union Institutions publish regularly calls for expression of interest (see list below) detailing the selection criteria, the required expertise, the description of the tasks, their duration and the conditions of remuneration. 

To know more about the position, please visit this website.