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Which language competences do graduates need?

Fremdsprachen in Schweizer Betrieben, M. Andres, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Olten 2005. ISBN 3-03724-080-6.

A research project at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland analyses the importance of foreign languages for business purposes in enterprises of all sizes and fields of activity, with answers from more than 2400 Swiss companies. This project aims to provide decision makers in higher education and in the world of business with the necessary data for a strategy regarding language barriers and foreign language use and acquisition in Switzerland. Switzerland, like any other European country, is confronted on the one hand with multiple national languages and other cultural identities, and the growing importance of English as the communication tool of world economy on the other. Formerly, language boundaries were natural borders for enterprises doing business successfully. In today's globalised economy and in the age of internet new linguistic necessities appear.

Languages in business and enterprises: Switzerland as a case study