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Where is Asia in its innovation and how does Europe benefit?: a study hints

The Atlas of Ideas. Leadbeater, Charles & Wilsdon, James. Demos, 2007. ISBN: 1841801747. Pages: 54 (available also online).

The Atlas of Ideas is an 18 month study on science and innovation in China, India, and South Korea, aiming at promoting new opportunities for collaboration of these countries with the UK and the rest of Europe. The final results of this study were presented at a launch conference on 17 and 18 January in London. The study was funded by the UK government and a consortium of public and private sector partners.

The report is comprised of several studies by various authors:

  • China: The Next Science Superpower?
  • India: The Uneven Innovator
  • Korea: Mass Innovation Comes of Age

Suggestions for how the UK and Europe can succeed in a world of ever more complicated innovation networks are incorporated into the report’s conclusion. A summary of the report can be downloaded in English or Chinese from the Demos website.