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What makes foreign graduate students stay in Finland?

The most recent EUROSTUDENT VII study issued  on 19 April 2021 examined the living conditions, studies, social background and livelihoods of students in higher education.

One of the articles in the EUROSTUDENT VII series sheds a light on the reasons behind why foreign students are motivated to study in Finland and why these foreign graduates remain in Finland.

The study shows that students choose to study in Finland due to its well reputed education system as well as the desire to work there. Remaining in Finland after graduating; could be linked to the workplace, but also to social factors and personal relationships developed while studying in Finland. For instance, having a family seems to be the most significant reason for which graduates remain in the country. This shows the importance of a supportive social network, which needs be accounted in the design of policies that promote the openness of society, economic growth, and job creation.

The article can be found here. (Publication in Finnish; Description sheet in Swedish and English)