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Welcome to our new member! Wallonia-Brussels Campus now part of the ACA family

The ACA family is growing. After the Turkish National Agency for the EU Lifelong Learning Programme and ETS Global joined the association in June this year, it is now the turn of the Wallonia-Brussels Campus (WBC) to join ACA’s ranks. The organisation, which forms part of Wallonia-Brussels International (the ‘foreign ministry’ of francophone Belgium), has the role to promote higher education in Wallonia and Brussels all over the world. Its motto is ‘to federate, coordinate, promote, communicate and orient’ and the aim behind WBC’s activities is to attract foreign students into the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and to globally link up the region’s universities and colleges. WBC operates the website and regularly publishes information material about higher education in Brussels and Wallonia for potential foreign students. It also participates in international higher education fairs around the world. Overall, its functions are similar to those of Campus France or in Spain, also members of the ACA family. ACA warmly welcomes its new member and looks forward to intense and fruitful cooperation.