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Webi-what? A guide to live chat and webinars for student recruitment

International student recruitment has become a top priority for many institutions, but recruiters and prospective students alike can face information overload. At the same time, there is a lack of well-structured information, creating a growing demand for personalised and reliable information. The use of webinars and live chat in student recruitment is a recent phenomenon, and the level of professionalism varies across institutions and even individual academic programmes and departments.
In light of the above, ACA, the Brenn-White Group and StudyPortals have jointly produced a Guide to using live chat and webinars for the purpose of recruiting international students to higher education institutions (HEIs). The second edition of the Guide, which presents key pointers for the development of these tools, has recently been uploaded to ACA’s website. This version includes enlightening new case studies plus advice for dealing with PhD vs. Bachelor’s and Master’s students, as well as European vs. non-European students.
This is one of the results of the EduCoach project, Personalised Online Advising for Study in Europe Orientation, funded by the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus Programme. To download the Guide for free, please follow this linkOnline guide