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Vocational education get its own “ECTS”

On 18 December the European Parliament voted in favour of the adoption of a European Commission's proposal of April 2008 on two new tools meant to facilitate mobility in the vocational education and training sector.

The first one, ECVET, is a new credit system specifically designed for vocational education and training. The objective is to make it easier to transfer study credits from one training system to another, from one qualifications’ system to another, or from one learning pathway to another. It will support the possibility for learners to choose their own path, both within a country as well as within Europe, towards a particular qualification. The credit system will be compatible with the existing and successful European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), used in the higher education sector.

The second instrument, namely the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQARF), is an instrument to help authorities in the member states promote and monitor the improvement of their systems of vocational education and training. This new framework includes ways of monitoring the performance of a particular system and uses measurement to support review and improvement of both entire systems as well as individual training institutions.

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