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Uzbekistan: Modernizing Tertiary Education

World Bank, Uzbekistan: Modernizing Tertiary Education, World Bank Report No. 88606-UZ, 2014. Pages: 137

The report looks at various facets of the tertiary education system in Uzbekistan: why it matters, how it contributes to the economy, how it is managed and what can be done to modernize and improve this system.  Several key areas of intervention are explored to help bridging the gap between education and employment, recommending the development of a comprehensive medium-term strategy to improve tertiary education in the country, including the expansion of equitable access to education for all and allowing for greater autonomy among individual universities in enrolling students in line with market demand. These changes will also require improvements to overall governance by increasing transparency in choosing university leaders and the deployment of a modern Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS). 

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