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Upcoming events

1-3 December 2008
National University of Ireland (NUI) conference: "Leading Universities in the Twenty-First Century"
Dublin Castle, Ireland
3-5 December 2008
British Council: Going Global3
London, UK
3-5 December 2008
Online Educa Berlin 2008 Conference
Berlin, Germany
3-5 December 2008
CGU-WACE - "Challenging Higher Education: Developing Enterprising Graduates for a Changing World of Work"
Madrid, Spain
4-5 December 2008
European University Association workshop: “Building Productive Relationships in a New Stakeholder Environment”
Vienna, Austria
4-5 December 2008
Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (CARA) conference: “In defence of Learning: The Past and the Present”
London, UK
5 December 2008
EAIE Executive Forum: “The legal impact of the Bologna implementation”
Vienna, Austria
9-10 December 2008
SRHE Annual Conference 2008: "Valuing Higher Education"
Liverpool, UK
12-13 December 2008
University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UCSIA): "Rethinking the university after Bologna"
Antwerp, Belgium
21-23 January 2009
The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU): "Higher Education – A Key to Future Development in the High North"
Tromsø, Norway
30 January 2009
ACA European Policy Seminar: "What's New in Brussels? Recent Developments in European Policies and Programmes"
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9-11 February 2009
EDGE 2009 conference
New Delhi, India
18-20 February 2009
Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference: "Being There: Teaching and Learning Abroad"
Portland, United States
22-25 February 2009
Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) Annual Conference: “International Education: Engaging Communities”
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
4 March 2009
i-graduate Conference: “Attracting International Research Students: Strategy and Practice”
London, UK
19 March 2009
4th Annual IIE Best Practices Conference: "Lead your Campus to the Top: Best Practices in Internationalizing the Campus"
New York, United States
27 March 2009
ACA European Policy Seminar on Mobility
Brussels, Belgium
31 March-2 April 2009
ISSC World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development Moving into the Second Half of the UN Decade
Bonn, Germany
15-17 April 2009
APAIE Conference: “Asia-Pacific Higher Education: Developing Leadership and Enhancing Harmony”
Beijing, China
20-22 April 2009
IAU 3rd Global Meeting of Associations: "Associations, Networks, Alliances etc.: Making Sense of the Emerging Global Higher Education Landscape."
4-9 May 2009
AAU - "Sustainable Development in Africa: The role of higher education"
Abuja, Nigeria
10-12 May 2009
ISSC World Social Science Forum
Bergen, Norway
13-15 May 2009
ACA Annual Conference
Warsaw, Poland
24-29 May 2009
NAFSA Annual Conference: "Fostering Global Engagement through International Education"
Los Angeles, United States
26-28 May 2009
European Commission DG Research conference: “Sustainable Development: A Challenge for European Research”
Brussels, Belgium
6-8 July 2009
UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education + 10: "The New Dynamics of Higher Education”
Paris, France
5-8 August 2009
Stockholm University: "6th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education"
Stockholm, Sweden
23 - 26 August 2009
31st EAIR Forum 2009: “Fighting for harmony - students, society and the academy in tune”
Vilnius, Lithuania
21-24 October 2009
The Observatory on borderless higher education (OBHE) global forum: “Global Connections - Local Impacts: Best Practices, Models and Policies for Cross-Border Higher Education”
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3-6 November 2009
IAU Annual Conference 2009: "The role of higher education in promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding"
Beirut, Lebanon
22 November 2009
ACA European Policy Seminar
Brussels, Belgium