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Upcoming conferences November 2006 – December 2007

2-5 November 2006
EAEA seminar "Citizenship education: A bridge to European citizenship?".
Florence, Italy.
Web: 9-10 November 2006
EUA Leadership Seminar: Working with European Organisations
Brussels, Belgium
Web: 10-12 November 2006
Asia-Link Symposia.
Bangkok, Thailand.
Web: 15-18 November 2006
Businet annual conference 2006.
Berlin, Germany.
Web: 16-17 November 2006
University of Maastricht in cooperation with ACA "Quality of education: In the eye of the beholder?".
Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Web: 20-22 November 2006
"Higher Education Policy: European and/or global influences." Organised by Université du Littoral.
Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.
Web: 23-25 November 2006
European Forum for Quality Assurance, Embedding Quality Culture in Higher Education
Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany
Web: 23-24 November 2006
EADTU annual conference 2006 "Widening participation and opportunities by lifelong
open and flexible learning in higher education".
Tallinn, Estonia.
Web: 24-25 November 2006
"Languages for specific purposes in higher education: Searching for common solutions".
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic.
Web: 24-26 November 2006
Asia-Link Symposia.
New Delhi, India.
Web: 27-29 November
GUNI conference "Accreditation for quality assurance: What is at stake?".
Barcelona, Spain.
Web: 29 November - 1 December 2006
EAIE Training seminar "How to run an international office".
Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Web: 29 November - 1 December 2006
UNESCO global colloquium "Universities as centers of research and
knowledge creation: An endangered species?".
Paris, France.
Web: 1-2 December 2006
EUA Managing the University Community Workshop: Institutional Performance Indicators: Which ones are needed to steer the institution?
Strasbourg, France
Web: 7-9 December 2006
Bologna Seminar, Doctoral Programmes in Europe
Universite de Nice, France
Web: 7-8 December 2006
British Council "Going Global 2 - The UK's international education conference".
Edinburgh, UK.
Web: 8-9 December 2006
IAU-IAUP conference "The different meanings of university autonomy".
Cheng Mai, Thailand.
Contact: 12-14 December 2006
SHRE (Society for Research into Higher Education) annual conference
"Beyond boundaries: New horizons for research into higher education".
Brighton, UK.
Web: 8-10 January 2007
"Creativity of Conformity? Building cultures of creativity in higher education".
University of Wales Institute Cardiff.
Cardiff, UK.
Web: 11 January 2007
European Education Policy network "Defining the European education agenda".
Cambridge, UK.
Web: 19-20 January 2007
EUA Managing the University Community Workshop: Human Resource Development in Universities: Its role in leading and implementing change,
Milan, Italy
Web: 25-26 January 2007 (invitational meeting)
Experts Seminar on the role of higher education in the pursuit of EFA goals,
Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique
Web: 7-9 March 2007
International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED)
Valencia, Spain
Deadline for submitting papers: 1 December 2006
Web: 29-31 March 2007
4th EUA Convention of Higher Education Institutions: Europe’s Universities beyond 2010 – diversity with a common purpose
Lisbon, Portugal
Web: 26-27 April 2007
Eurashe's annual conference.
Copenhagen, Denmark.
Web: 13-15 May 2007
ACA Annual Conference 2007: The Many Faces of Internationalisation
Berlin, Germany
Web: 17-19 May 2007
European Education Policy network "Shaping the European education agenda".
Montreal, Canada.
Web: 27 May–1 June 2007
NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo: Preparing Global Citizens
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Web: 25-27 June 2007
OECD, IAU, HEA, Higher Education in the 21st Century - Diversity of Missions,
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Web: 26-29 August 2007
EAIR Annual Forum.
Innsbruck, Austria.
Web: 12-15 September 2007
19th Annual EAIE Conference, Reaching for new shores
Trondheim, Norway
Web: 1-2 December 2007
European Education Policy network "Advancing the European education agenda".
Brussels/Leuven, Belgium.