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Upcoming Conferences March – November 2006

2 - 3 March 2006
"Strengthening Higher Education and Research in South East Europe: Priorities for Regional and European Cooperation." Co-organised by the EUA and the University of Vienna.
University of Vienna, Austria.
Web: 16-17 March 2006
Commission supported project “TEMCU” Final Conference
"Enhancing the Erasmus Experience: Teaching in Today’s Multicultural University."
University of Granada, Spain.
Web: 23 - 25 March 2006
"Quality Assessment in Institutions of Higher Education in Europe: problems, practises and solutions." Organised  by Academia Europaea.
University of Pavia, Italy.
Web: 30 March-1 April 2006
EUA's Spring Conference: "Funding Strong Universities: Diversification, Student Support and Good Governance."
Hamburg, Germany.
Web: 23-25 April 2006
AACSB & EFMD International Conference and Annual Meetings. Theme is "Management Development in a different light."
Paris, France.
Web: 25-27 April 2006
"European Universities: integration with world and European education systems."
Izhevsk State Technical University, Russia.
Web: 27-28 April 2006
"Governing Universities in the Knowledge Society." IMHE / OECD in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana, Spain.
Univesity of Valencia, Spain.
Web: 4-6 May 2006
Workshop on the process of reform of university systems.  Organised by the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management.
Cini Foundation, Venice, Italy.
Web: 5 May 2006
Tenth ACA European Policy Seminar
"Cooperation in higher education between Europe and other world regions: Asia."
Brussels, Belgium.
10-12 May 2006
"Challenges to Academic Medicine: Planning Futures in Partnership."
Co-organised by IMHE / OECD and the Medical University of Graz.
Graz, Austria.
Web: http:// 21-24 May 2006
Second World Curriculum Studies Conference, "Meeting the International and Global Challenges in Curriculum Studies." Organised by the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (IAACS).
Tampere, Finland.
Web: 21–26 May 2006
NAFSA Annual Conference 2006.
Montreal, Canada.
Web: 14-17 June 2006
EDEN Annual Conference."E-Competences for Life, Employment and Innovation."
Technical University of Vienna, Austria.
Web: 18-20 June 2006
ACA Annual Conference.
Organised by ACA in co-operation with SIU.
"Destination Europe? Players, goals and strategies in enhancing the attractiveness of Europe's universities."
Bergen, Norway
21-23 June 2006
IREDU Annual conference, "How do recent advances in economic thinking contribute to the major challenges faced by education?"
Dijon, France.
Web: 28 June – 1 July 2006
Second international conference on Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education.
Maastricht University, The Netherlands.
Web: 3 July - 7 July 2006
CHEPS 2006 Summer Lecture Series - "Shaping European Higher Education"
Oporto, Portugal.
Web: 5 July – 7 July 2006
The sixth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies.  “Advanced Technologies for Life-Long Learning”
Kerkrade, The Netherlands.
Web:  30 August to 1 September 2006
EAIR Forum - "Who runs higher education in a Competitive World?"
Rome, Italy.
Website: 11-13 September 2006
OECD 2006 IMHE General Conference. "Challenges of managing issues involving ethics and values in higher education."
Paris, France.
Web:,2865,en_21571361_34712006_1_1_1_1_1,00.html 13-16 September 2006
2006 EAIE conference."Quality in internationalisation, from theory to practice."
Basel, Switzerland.
Web: 21-23 September 2006
International bilingual (EN and FR) conference. "Academic Mobility: Crossed Perspectives."
Turku, Finland.
Web: 20 - 22 November 2006
"Higher Education Policy: European and/or global influences." Organised by Université du Littoral. 
Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.