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Upcoming conferences June – December 2006

01-02 June 2006
Austrian European presidency conference "A researcher's labour market: Europe a pole of attraction?".
Vienna, Austria.
Web: 11-14 June 2006
ICED 2006 conference "Enhancing Academic Development Practice: International Perspectives".
Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
Web: 11-14 June 2006
"University Entrepreneurship - Incubating Processes", organised by Finnish Polytechnics Entrepreneurship Network.
Lahti, Finland.
Web: 14-17 June 2006
EDEN Annual Conference."E-Competences for Life, Employment and Innovation."
Technical University of Vienna, Austria.
Web: 15-17 June 2006
EAIE Training seminar "How to develop and maintain international partnerships".
Malmo, Sweden.
Web: 18-20 June 2006
ACA Annual Conference.
Organised by ACA in co-operation with SIU.
"Destination Europe? Players, goals and strategies in enhancing the attractiveness of Europe's universities."
Bergen, Norway
20-22 June 2006
"Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Mission (im)possible?", organised by the FOTIM Quality Assurance Conference Committee and the Committee for Higher Education Librarians of South Africa.
Pretoria, South Africa
Web: 21-23 June 2006
IREDU Annual conference, "How do recent advances in economic thinking contribute to the major challenges faced by education?"
Dijon, France.
Web: 22 June 2006
"The Future of European Student Mobility".
Organised by the UK Erasmus Student Committee.
Brussels, Belgium.
Web: 24-26 June 2006
"Putting European higher education area on the map: Developing strategies for
Organised by the Greek Ministry of Education in cooperation with ACA.
Athens, Greece.
28 June – 1 July 2006
Second international conference on Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education.
Maastricht University, The Netherlands.
Web: 3-5 July 2006
Higher Education Academy 2006 Conference "Enhancing the Student Learning Experience".
East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK.
Web: 3-7 July 2006
CHEPS 2006 Summer Lecture Series - "Shaping European Higher Education"
Oporto, Portugal.
Web: 3-7 July 2006
EAIE Training seminar "English in the international workplace".
Dublin, Ireland.
Web: 4-5 July 2006
EU eLearning Conference 2006.
Helsinki, Finland.
Web: 5-7 July 2006
The sixth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. “Advanced Technologies for Life-Long Learning”
Kerkrade, The Netherlands.
Web: 30 August to 1 September 2006
EAIR Forum - "Who runs higher education in a Competitive World?"
Rome, Italy.
Website: 11-13 September 2006
OECD 2006 IMHE General Conference. "Challenges of managing issues involving ethics and values in higher education."
Paris, France.
Web:,2865,en_21571361_34712006_1_1_1_1_1,00.html 13-16 September 2006
2006 EAIE conference "Quality in internationalisation, from theory to practice."
Basel, Switzerland.
Web: 13-16 September 2006
EAIE-ACA seminar "European higher education in a global contaxt".
Basel, Switzerland.
Web: 14 September 2006
Magna Charta Observatory conference "Political approaches to university identity".
Bologna, Italy.
Web: 21-23 September 2006
International bilingual (EN and FR) conference. "Academic Mobility: Crossed Perspectives."
Turku, Finland.
Web: 13-15 October 2006
IAU 2006 conference "Internationalisation of higher education: New opportunities,
new challenges".
Beijing, China.
Web: 15-18 November 2006
Businet annual conference 2006.
Berlin, Germany.
Web: 20 - 22 November 2006
"Higher Education Policy: European and/or global influences." Organised by Université du Littoral.
Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.
Web: 23-24 November 2006
EADTU annual conference 2006 "Widening participation and opportunities by lifelong
open and flexible learning in higher education".
Tallinn, Estonia.
Web: 24-25 November 2006
"Languages for specific purposes in higher education: Searching for common solutions".
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic.
Web: 29 November - 1 December
EAIE Training seminar "How to run an international office".
Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Web: 08-09 December 2006
IAU-IAUP conference "The different meanings of university autonomy".
Cheng Mai, Thailand.
Contact: 12-14 December 2006
SHRE (Society for Research into Higher Education) annual conference
"Beyond boundaries: New horizons for research into higher education".
Brighton, UK.