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Upcoming conferences August – February 2006

25-26 August
Trends in the Management of Human Resources in Higher Education
OECD Headquarters in Paris
Register by: 31 May 2005
Web: OECD Calendar

26-28 August
XVIII International Conference on Higher Education: Strengths and Weaknesses of Public and Private Universities
Organised by Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
Register by: Open
Web: 28-31 August
27th annual EAIR Forum: Enduring Values and New Challenges in Higher Education. Riga, Latvia
Register: Early by 20 June

30 Aug – 2 Sept 2005
The CASE Europe Annual Conference 2005, Edinburgh, Scotland
600 delegates from 19 countries the conference is a meeting place in Europe for development, marketing, alumni relations and communications professionals.
Register:  ASAP
Web: 1-3 September
CHER conference "Higher Education: The Cultural Dimension -Innovative Cultures, Norms and Values", Jyväskylä, Finland
Register: Papers were due by 8 April, register ASAP
Web:    1-3 September
Bi- and Multilingual Universities – challenges and future prospects
Helsinki, Finland
Register: Early birds by 31 May. Deadline 30 June
Web: 8-9 September
XI General Assembly: Post-Bergen Higher Education Area: Quality Assurance, Accreditation, Autonomy of Universities Compostela Group of Universities Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, Belgium
Register: July 29
Web: Compostela Group of Universities 8-10 SeptemberUNESCO/UNEVOC-CEPES/ILO/EC/ETF/CEDEFOP “Vocational Content in Mass Higher Education: Responses to the Challenges of the Work Place and Labour Market” Bonn, GermanyRegister: By invitation, see link for contact informationWeb: 14 September
UK GRAD programme Fourth Annual Conference: Profiting from Postgraduate Talent "Building on UK achievements within the context of Bologna" Lodon
Register: ASAP
Web: Fourth annual conference 14-17 September
17th Annual EAIE conference, Krak?w, Poland
Register: Early birds by 24 June 2005
Web: 23 September
A pan-European ‘Researchers Night’ will feature a wide selection of open-door nights, across the continent, in science museums, laboratories, research centres, etc.

22 – 23 September
Council of Europe Conference on Higher Education Governance - Between democratic culture, academic aspirations and market forces.
Register: Nominations only

30 September
Next ACA European Policy Seminar “Between Babel and Anglo-Saxon Imperialism? English-taught-programmes and language policy in European higher education” Brussels, Belgium
Register: Early-bird 9 September
Web:  29 September – 1 October 2005
3rd EFMD conference on undergraduate management education
Creating an open learning environment, Madrid
Register: Early bird 30 June 2005

2- 6 October
WEEC International Association, Torino, Italy
3rd World Environmental Education Congress.  Education paths towards sustainability
Register: ASAP

4-5 October
OECD/NUAS/NUS Karlstad University, Sweden
The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development
Register: September 5

5-7 October
The European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) Fifth open classroom conference - Emerging e-learning paradigms, the search for new, more effective school structures and the broader challenges facing the Knowledge Economy. Poitiers, France
Register: 30 September
Web: 9-13 October
European Association for Education of Adults (EAEA) Course: Citizenship Education. Hanover, Germany
Discuss models and curricula concerning citizenship education as they have been developed and are currently in used, in particular in non-formal adult education.
Register: ASAP
Web: 11-14 October
The Australian International Education Conference 2005 - Hosted by IDP Education Australia, with the support of Australian Education International. Opportunities in a Challenging Environment
Register: Early 29 July 2005
Web: 17 October
Evaluations in the European Commission Demand and Supply.  Day seminar in Brussels
Register: 15 September
Web: Commission registration form ;

19-21 October
AFEC and CIEP de Sèvres, France
29th international symposium of comparative education "?ducation, Religion, Laïcit?. Quels enjeux pour les politiques ?ducatives ? Quels enjeux pour l'?ducation compar?e ?
Register: Deadline for submissions 1 March 2005, register ASAP

19-21 October
Conference on the prospects of the European Research Area at the Institute of Public Administration Speyer, Germany
Register: ASAP

20-22 October
EUA Conference: "Research in European Universities: Mastering the Change Process"
Board, Council and Secretaries General meetings. University of Uppsala, Sweden
Register: Early bird by 31 August
Web:  <//a> 24-25 October
OECD - Global Forum on Education - The Challenges for Education in a Global Economy - in cooperation with Chilean Ministry of Education and will be help in Santiago, Chile
Regsister: By invitatio
Web: OECD conference 26-27 October and 29 October- 1 November
WEBA agents workshops 2005 and Swiss International Education Platform, Switzerland
Register: ASAP
Web: and

3-6 November
UNESCO-CEPES/LKAEM “Private Higher Education in Europe: Its role and functioning in the context of the Bologna process” in collaboration with the World Bank, Warsaw, Poland
Register: By invitation, 12 selected countries will present case studies
Web: 9 - 11 NovemberThe 'HERCULES' group of the Academia Europaea and the Wenner Gren Foundation, announce an international conference "The Formative Years of Scholars". The Haga Forum, StockholmRegister: ASAPWeb: 10-13 November
8th Annual international colloquium on international engineering education
Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center Atlanta, Georgia, USA November 10-13, 2005
With a focus on strategies and techniques for preparing young engineers for the global workplace
Register: October 10, 2005

14-15 November
UNESCO/ IAU - First Global meeting of Associations on “Sharing Quality Higher Education across Borders: Role of Associations and Institutions” Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt
Register: Heads of Associations of universities and Rectors Conferences or their representatives, and IAU Affiliates
Web: 14-15 November 2005
Communicating European Research 2005
International Conference, Brussels
Register: Early bird by 15 September 2005

28-30 November
Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.  II International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education: the financing of universities. The Conference will come together with the celebration of the Nobel Day, a Nobel Laureates meeting to discuss about university issues
Register: ASAP
Web: 30 November – 2 December
Next ACA conference “The future of the university” Vienna, Austria
ACA in cooperation with the Austrian Exchange Service (ÖAD)
Register: Registration open
Web: 30 November - 2 DecemberThe financing of universities, Barcelona, SpainThe Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) organizes this II International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education.Register: ASAPWeb: November – 2 DecemberOniline Educa Berlin, Germany11th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training. Prominent e-learning providers and developers, training providers, publishers, public and governmental institutions, universities as well as the European Commission will introduce their proposals and programmes in the area of technology supported learning.Register: submission call is closed, register ASAPWeb: 8-9 December
UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge, 2nd Global Research Seminar. Bringing together researchers from all five regions of UNESCO
Web: UNESCO portal 13-15 December 2005“New perspectives on research into higher education” SRHE Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh, ScotlandThree key questions: how is contemporary research into higher education being reshaped by new theoretical and analytical perspectives and insights? How is higher education research influencing higher education practices and policies? How can we best safeguard and strengthen future capacity for research into higher education? Register: "Earlybird" registration discount: 31 OctoberWeb: 29-31 January 2006
Internationalisation: Going from local to global, Copenhagen Business School, København
Register: details in English to come
Web: 13-14 February 2006
GUIDE (Global Association of Open Universities for Distance Education and Lifelong Learning) 2006 International Conference promoted by Università Telematica "Guglielmo Marconi" Open Universities International Conference Developing e Common Platform for Global Co-operation Rome, Italy
Register: from June 2005