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University of Maastricht: 30th anniversary conference with ACA

This year, the University of Maastricht turned 30. The young institution has much to be proud of. Its innovative mode of teaching and learning, the problem-based learning approach, is just one outstanding example. On 16th and 17th November, the university celebrated its anniversary with a conference dedicated to the theme of quality in higher education. ACA was proud to be a co-organiser of this event.

“Quality of education: in the eye of the beholder” addressed its theme from the perspective of the university’s many stakeholders – students, teachers, alumni, administrators, employers and quality assurance agencies. The conference, which drew some 120 participants from all over Europe, turned out to be a most thorough and intellectually stimulating exploration of what quality in higher education could mean today. A hotly discussed topic was international university rankings. Among the keynote speakers was Dr Torsten Kälvemark of Swedish ACA member Högskoleverket. ACA Director Bernd Wächter chaired a workshop. Quality of education: in the eye of the beholder