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Universities and schools will be the breeding ground for next generation of entrepreneurs

The European Commission has announced a set of recommendations aimed to enhance the role of education in creating a more business-like culture in European societies, and to encourage young Europeans to become the entrepreneurs of tommorrow. Günter Verheugen, Commissioner of Enterprise and Industry, and Jan Figel, responsible for Education, presented the initiative.

While the Commissioners stressed that at every stage curricula should explicitly include entrepreneurship as an objective of education, there was an important focus on the role of higher education in preparing students with the necessary skills and the entrepreneurial mentality. Outlining three main points, it was concluded that: 

  • Universities and technical institutes should integrate entrepreneurship as an important part of the curriculum, spread across different subjects, and require or encourage students to take entrepreneurship courses.
  • Public authorities’ support is especially needed to provide high-level training for teachers and to develop networks that can share good practice.
  • Teacher mobility between university and the business world should be encouraged, together with the involvement of business people in teaching.
European Commission - Press Release
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