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UNHCR Education Strategy 2012-2016

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Education Strategy 2012-2016. Author, Geneva, 2012. Pages: 60. Originally released in January 2012, this education strategy is anchored in a renewed focus on ensuring the provision of refugee education along six key actions:
  • Action 1: More children will learn better in primary school
  • Action 2: Schools will protect children and young people
  • Action 3: More young people will go to secondary school
  • Action 4: More young people will follow higher education courses
  • Action 5: Education will be available at every age
  • Action 6: Education will be part of all emergency responses
Action 4 is devoted to higher education and it aims to improve access, focus on learning outcomes and engage with new technology. The key activities outlined include expansion and diversification of scholarship programmes for refugees, expansion of open and distance learning, reduction of barriers to access, and increasing the number of para-professional training opportunities. UNHCR