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UNESCO: World Data on Education, Sixth edition, 2006/07

The sixth edition of World Data on Education (WDE) contains the profiles of 161 education systems. The major part of the profiles included in the previous edition of WDE (2003) have been updated, mainly using the National Reports on the Development of Education presented at the forty-seventh session of the International Conference on Education (Geneva, September 2004), supplemented with information from a wide range of official sources and recent reports.

As in the case of the 2001 and 2003 editions, the database focuses in particular on official school curricula and curricular structures at the primary/basic and secondary education levels. It also contains links to over 500 websites, which are intended: (i) to facilitate access to sources providing background information about the country, useful for placing the profiles of education systems within a broader context, or to complement them with more detailed data; and (ii) to give users of WDE the possibility of easily finding and consulting official education sources, which often include additional and updated information made available on the World Wide Web by the national authorities.

World Data on Education is made available for consultation on the website of the International Bureau of Education. Information is updated regularly.