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UNESCO: Trends in global HE

Altbach,P. G.,Reisberg, L. and Rumbley, L. E. (Eds.). Trends in Global Higher Education: Tracking an Academic Revolution. UNESCO, Paris, 2009. Pages: 246.

The report has been prepared for the 2009 UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE) and is especially devoted to examining the key trends and changes in higher education that have taken place since the UNESCO WCHE of 1998. It provides a brief description of worldwide developments, supported by statistical data and analysis, and concludes with some future challenges for higher education globally:

• massification in higher education;
• globalisation and internationalisation;
• distance education and new applications for ICTs;
• the privatisation of higher education;
• the global flow of talent;
• the academic profession at a crossroad;
• research universities and the “world-class” phenomenon;
• financing higher education;
• quality assurance and university-industry linkages.

The report can be downloaded here: